Music Therapy Services

Child Balancing On Swing

All of our music therapists (MT-BC) are active professional members of the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) and maintain or will obtain Board Certification from the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT).

The music therapy interns who work with us have completed all necessary coursework to obtain their degree in music therapy and are fulfilling their internship requirement prior to sitting for the board certification exam.

Music therapy students work under strict supervision by an MT-BC in practicum work toward their degree in music therapy from a local University.

Our executive director is available for questions.

One-On-One Session Child Playing Piano Group Session

Contract Services

(Client Focused)

1:1 Music Therapy Sessions
Small Group Sessions (Less Than 6 Clients)
Large Group Sessions (More Than 6 Clients)
Family / Care-Giver Therapy
Staff Development via Music
Music Assisted Child-Birth
Pre-school or Day-Care Music
Sound Environment Assessment
IEP Eligibility Assessment

Consulting & In Service Training

(Staff Focused)

Provide info on aspects of music therapy programming
Utilization of music to enhance current activities or programs
Music activities for use by other professionals
Music in leisure
Interdisciplinary Team Synergy
Family / Care-Giver Education
Conference / Group Professionals